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Moebius August

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An English bagpipe trio formed in 1992 to play music written for the group by Jon Swayne. The polyphonic arrangements explore in a new way the rich and beguiling harmonic and melodic effects made possible by a combination of two Border style pipes in G and one in low C.

“One of the most arresting musical creations I have heard in a long time...... joyous, powerful, vibrant.” - Chris Wood, Bagpipe Society Magazine.
“Wonderful musical rapport ...... wonderful variety of compositions.” - Vic Smith, Folk Roots.
“Moebius are perhaps the finest flowering of the English bagpipe music revival.” - Iain MacInnes, Journal of the Lowland & Border Bagpipe Society.

1. Love in the Afternoon - Intermission
2. Allemain - Jake Davey’s Polka
3. Birdtalk
4. Cowpie - 1st December
5. The Harbinger - Bandoneon
6. Comme Tu Veux, Tu Choise - The Road to Hull - La Prune du Phare
7. Waiting Game
8. Down the Diaria - Wholly Innocent
9. Europipe March No.1
10. Gilbert’s Rant - Stirchley Polka
11. Overture
12. Beverley Recessional

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