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Love and a Bottle

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Jon Swayne plays border pipes in various keys. Becky Price's accordion is versatile and seductive. They explore English music, especially from 17th and 18th century sources, with some tunes from the Border Bagpipe repertoire; to it they add some of their own strong, engaging and beautiful compositions.

“English music was rarely better served………” Living Tradition
“ …..vintage stuff, a fine CD which manages that difficult task of being innovative and yet true to tradition. Made with love and played with bottle……..” Andy Letcher, Chanter Magazine.

1. Mr Preston’s Hornpipe (trad) - Somerset (trad)
2. Once I Courted (trad) - The Trees They Do Grow High (trad) - Love and a Bottle (trad)
3. A Lankeshire Hornpipe (trad) - Hogsdon Square (trad)
4. The Boston Ruby (air) (Price/Swayne)
5. Woo’d an’ Married an’ A’ (trad) - Drink the Worts and Spill the Beer (trad) - Cowpie (9/8 jigs) (Swayne)
6. Mr Tollet’s Hornpipe (trad)
7. The Broken Bed - Wednesday Express (jigs) (Swayne)
8. Three English Carols from Somerset, Hereford and Glos (trad)
9. Little Wee Winking Thing (Dixon Manuscript)
10. The Throne (Price) - The Bonny Miller (trad)
11. The Northern Lass (air) (trad)
12. Bagpipers (trad) with variations (Swayne)
13. Interlude (organ prelude by J Battishill 18th C)

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